10 New Years Resolution Ideas 2014

10 New Years Resolution Ideas 2014

New Years is coming up folks! It is time to say “Goodbye” to 2013 and say “Welcome” to 2014. In the following month most people in the world will think about New Years resolution ideas. Also they will think about the goals and dreams they aim to pursue and achieve in 2014. Most people experience this increased motivation to make plans and New Year resolutions when starting a new year. Unfortunately, research has shown that you are most likely to fail. 92% of New Years resolution ideas are never implemented or acted upon. I have made a list of New Years resolution ideas to inspire you that increases you chances of success for 2014. Make 2014 the year of massive action instead of being passive and reactive.


New Years Resolution Ideas


New Years Resolution Ideas #1: Spend More Time With the Family

Sometimes we can spend too much time on the job and too little time with the people that make our life worth living. I have a sticker on my wall saying: “No one on his deathbed ever said: ‘I wish I spend more time at the office.'” New Years 2014 is the most awesome point in time to start all over. If you wish you could spend more time with your family or friends I encourage you to make a New Years resolution committing to doing this. Your job won’t take care of you when you are old and grey. Your family will.


New Years Resolution Ideas #2: Complete a Marathon (or Ironman)

Having a challenge to dream and think about can be motivating. I think challenges like this have great potential for New Years resolution ideas.  Completing a Marathon (.. or even an Ironman) can sound impossible to some people. 2 years ago I would have fainted if someone asked me to think about running a marathon. Things changed and I made the decision to race in Ironman Copenhagen. I realized that we have the power and motivation to accomplish whatever we want in life. Racing in Ironman Copenhagen was the best thing I have done for myself. Consider a marathon or an Ironman as one of your New Years resolution ideas.


New Years Resolution Ideas #3: Eat more Healthy

Most people are aware that exercising improves your mood, sleep, brain functions and learning abilities. What less people realize is that eating healthy has a similar powerful impact on your life. Eating healthy improves your academic performance, mood, mental health and your overall physical shape. Eating healthy became important to me when I was training for Ironman. I experience a better focus, more energy and an overall better feeling. In 2014 you too should eat healthy! Make it one of your New Years resolution ideas now.


New Years Resolution Ideas #4: No Alcohol or Soft Drinks

Most people are aware that drinking alcohol and soft drinks are damaging to our body. Despite that fact most people drink it on a regular basis. What I have discovered about drinking soft drinks and alcohol is that it becomes a habit. It feels like we need to drink it on a regular basis. We have gotten our bodies used to the sugar and satisfaction. Breaking out of this habit should be one of your New Years resolution ideas for 2014. Make healthy habits and I guarantee you will see improved results in more aspects of your life.


New Years Resolution Ideas #5: Manage Your Debt

Why not make 2014 the year you pay off your debt? Debt can be a sensitive topic and most people in debt limit their feeling of happiness because of this situation. Cut down your costs and spend less money in order to pay off the debt you are in. Being debt free gives you a feeling of being liberated and on-top of things. Here are 5 smart strategies you can try to become debt free in 2014. Make money, debt and savings one of your New Years Resolution ideas this year.


New Years Resolution Ideas #6: Quit Smoking

Smoking is probably one of the worst possible habits. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands smokers around the globe. I’m not here to preach. I’m sure you have  heard it all before. Smoking was cool 10 years ago. Not anymore! Have you thought about the consequences about this habit? Some people say: “I’d rather enjoy smoking and live a shorter life”. I guess you have another opinion the day you are lying in the hospital having to say goodbye to your loved ones because of your selfish habit. Let 2014 be the year where “Quit Smoking” is one of your New Years resolution ideas.


New Years Resolution Ideas #7: Become a Volunteer

I have many friends that has been doing volunteer work for years. Each and every one of them tell me about their amazing experiences over and over again. You are lucky! Luckier than most people. Why not spend 2014 on helping other people that has been less fortunate? Becoming a volunteer is good way of showing gratitude for your own life. Remember that happiness does not bring gratitude but being grateful brings happiness. 2014 is going to be the year you volunteered and cared about other people.


New Years Resolution Ideas #8: Work Out 1 time a day

Nothing in this world is more satisfying than having an enjoyable workout. Prioritizing working out 1 time a day can contribute to more happiness and satisfaction in your life. Each morning I run for 20 minutes before taking a long shower. Working out for 20 minutes is enough to release endorphins (Same is released having sex). In 2014 you stop having lazy habits and become a proactive person with healthy habits. I bet your wife would love a six-pack for 2014 as well? Working out 1 time a day or on a regular basis should be one of your New Years resolution ideas.


New Years Resolution Ideas #9: Create a Positive Mindset

I have a firm belief that the only disability in life is a bad attitude. Having a bad attitude is like driving a car with a flat tyre. You never get far without changing it. Few years ago I made an important decision. I decided to adopt and maintain a positive mindset in my life. I’d never criticize and always look for the lessons instead of dwelling on the failures. I suggest you make the same decision. Let 2014 be the year you became the most positive and enthusiastic person in the world. Hard to remain positive? Here is a quick tip: Have a diary to support the process. It is easier to implement new habits when you are accountable to someone. Need more New Years resolution ideas? Read the last one!


New Years Resolution Ideas #10: Become a Better Friend

What is more inspiring than being an awesome friend? Do you always pay attention to your friends? Do you compliment them for their successes? Could you become a better friend? Most of us probably could sometimes. In 2014 I want you to aim to become a better friend than ever before. Prioritize the time and never be too busy to call a friend or send a text.


I hope you find some inspiration in this list of 10 awesome New Years resolution ideas. What can you do in order to succeed with your New Years resolution idea? Make sure you want it enough! Make sure you are 100% clarified about this conscious decision. At the end of the day it all comes down to having a strong why.


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10 Awesome New Years Resolution Ideas


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